Movie Abyss The Unholy Full Cast

The Unholy Full Cast

Movie Character
Gerry Fenn
Bishop Gyles
Dr. Natalie Gates
Father Hagan
Monica Slade
Monsignor Delgarde
Mary Elnor
Marina Mazepa
Celeste Oliva
Sofia Walsh
Gisela Chipe
Toby Walsh
Danny Corbo
Dan Walsh
Dustin Tucker
Father Prescott
Bill Thorpe
Nervous Man
Charlie Thurston
Faithful #1
Mere Davis
Faithful #3
Kiara Pichardo
Faithful #4
Kevin Fennessy
Grace Father
Cassidy Neal
Security Enforcement Officer
Kevin Daigneault
Bansfield Police Officer
Jeff Bouffard
City Official
Rob Lévesque
Mike Wendt
J.J. Wright
Photographer / Reporter
Janelle Feigley
Michael Strauss
Church Attendee
Amber Sage
Woman #1
Andrea Athanassiou
Woman #2
Hannah Jane Doyon
Atheism Man
Stephen O'Neil Martin
Nate Luis Silva
Camera Crew
Adrian M. Mompoint
Church Goer
Jonathan Neves
Pub Local
Ian Dylan Hunt
Teenage Girl
Madison LaPlante
Correspondent #1
Tim Estiloz