Movie Abyss America: The Motion Picture Full Cast

America: The Motion Picture Full Cast

Movie Character
George Washington
Thomas Edison
Martha Washington
Killer Mike
King James
Redcoat Soldier
Jason Barnes
Rights Man In Crowd / I.M. Pei
Dave Callaham
A Reasonable Man / Bros / Redcoat Soldier
John Wilkes Booths / Titanic Guard
Kevin Gillese
Civil Rights Man In Crowd
Iyad Hajjaj
Colonist / Continental Congressman / Field Marshall
Neal Holman
Native American Rights Man In Crowd
Clara Barton
Megan Leahy
Street Race Girl / Women's Rights Lady In Crowd
Eric Sims
Frederick X Kinko / Hancock Supporter
Mike Schatz
Baseball Announcer / 2nd Amendment Rights Man In Crowd
Matt Yates