Movie Abyss It's a Wonderful Life Full Cast

It's a Wonderful Life Full Cast

Movie Character
George Bailey
Mary Hatch
Henry F. Potter
Uncle Billy Bailey
Ma Bailey
Ernie Bishop
Violet Bick
Mr. Gower
Harry Bailey
Todd Karns
Peter Bailey
Cousin Tilly
Sam Wainwright
Ruth Dakin Bailey
Virginia Patton
Cousin Eustace
Charles Williams
Mrs. Hatch
Sarah Edwards
Giuseppe Martini
William Edmunds
Mrs. Martini
Robert J. Anderson
Little Sam
Ronnie Ralph
Jean Gale
Little Violet
Jeanine Ann Roose
Little Marty Hatch
Danny Mummert
Little Harry Bailey
Georgie Nokes
Potter's Bodyguard
Joe - Luggage Shop
Tom - Bldg. & Loan
Bailey Child - Janie
Carol Coombs
Bailey Child - Zuzu
Karolyn Grimes
Bailey Child - Pete
Larry Simms
Bailey Child - Tommy
Jimmy Hawkins
Singer at Martini's
Adriana Caselotti
Young George's Friend
Ms. Davis
Building & Loan Board Member
Man Whose Grandfather Planted Tree
Man with Sheriff
Bert Moorhouse
Freddie Othello
Uncle Billy's Pet Crow
Jimmy the Crow
Jean Acker
Ernie Adams
Monya Andre
Mr. Welch
Stanley Andrews
Nervous Banker
Sam Ash
One of Vi's Suitors
Jack Bailey
Military Officer in Montage
Brooks Benedict
Joseph E. Bernard
Al Bridge
Buz Buckley
Jane Wainwright
Marian Carr
Lane Chandler
Tom Chatterton
Cop Arresting Violet
Jack Cheatham
Dr. Campbell
Harry Cheshire
Building & Loan Board Member
Edward Clark
Building & Loan Customer
Tom Coleman
High School Teacher at Poolside
Lew Davis
Harry Denny
Woman at Graduation Dance
Helen Dickson
Man on Porch
Dick Elliott
Tollhouse Keeper
Tom Fadden
Violet's Boyfriend
Frank Fenton
Eddie Fetherston
Relieved Banker in Potter's Office
Sam Flint
Lee Frederick
Photographer with Sheriff
Dick Gordon
Bar Patron
Jack Gordon
Joseph Granby
Charles Halton
Building & Loan Depositor
Herbert Heywood
Mr. Partridge
Harry Holman
Building & Loan Board Member
Art Howard
Building & Loan Board Member
Bert Howard
Building & Loan Board Member
Larry Wheat
Mr. Randall
Arthur Stuart Hull
Man in Fantasy
John Indrisano
Building & Loan Depositor
Eddie Kane
Carl Kent
Effie Laird
Building & Loan Customer
Mike Lally
Building & Loan Customer
Wilbur Mack
Building & Loan Customer
Philip Morris
Marty Hatch
Harold Landon
Pianist in Nick's Place
Meade 'Lux' Lewis
Bar Patron
Jack Lomas
Charles Meakin
School Dancer
George Noisom
Bar Patron
Bob O'Connor
Bar Patron
Constantine Romanoff
Military Officer in Montage
Frank O'Connor
Senior Angel
Moroni Olsen
Garry Owen
Netta Packer
Photographer / Reporter
Franklin Parker
Nick's Waitress
Suzanne Ridgeway
Mark Roberts
Nick's Bouncer
Cy Schindell
Potter's Secretary
Almira Sessions
Cedric Stevens
Man in Fantasy
Brick Sullivan
Nick's Bartender
Charles Sullivan
Cashier / Nick's Assistant Bouncer
Max Wagner
Charles C. Wilson
Herschel Graham