Movie Abyss The Time Traveler's Wife Full Cast

The Time Traveler's Wife Full Cast

Movie Character
Henry DeTamble
Clare Abshire
Annette DeTamble
Richard DeTamble
Mark Abshire
Brian Bisson
Alicia Abshire
Lucille Abshire
Philip Abshire
Henry at Six
Hospital Receptionist
Katherine Trowell
Library Researcher
Bart Bedford
Chicago Police #1
Esther Jun
Chicago Police #2
Craig Snoyer
Carly Street
Thai Waiter
Romyen Tangsubutra
Clare at Six and Eight
Mario Tufino
Moving Man
Shawn Storer
David Talbot
James Lafazanos
Lottery Announcer
Dan Duran
TV Sales Person
Kenner Ames
Alison MacLeod
Dr. Kendrick
Alba at Nine and Ten
Hailey McCann
Dr. Osman
Donald Carrier
Dr. Osman's Nurse
Jan Caruana
Dr. Montague
Alba at Four and Five
Tatum McCann
Resident Doctor
Duane Murray
Chicago Radio Show Host
Jon Bruno
Hunting Buddy