Movie Abyss The Queen Full Cast

The Queen Full Cast

Movie Character
HM Queen Elizabeth II
Tony Blair
Prince Philip
HM The Queen Mother
Cherie Blair
Prince Charles
Sir Robin Janvrin
Stephen Lamport
Tim McMullan
Lord Airlie
Douglas Reith
Alastair Campbell
Mark Bazeley
Robin Soans
Janvrin's Secretary
Lola Peploe
Balmoral Maid
Joyce Henderson
Head Ghillie
Pat Laffan
Queen's Dresser
Amanda Hadingue
Balmoral Head Ghillie
John McGlynn
Charles' Valet
Gray O'Brien
Balmoral Switchboard Operator
Dolina MacLennan
Blair's Aide
Portrait Artist
Catholic Priest
Anthony Debaeck
German Reporter
Wolfgang Pissors
French Bodyguard
Xavier Castano
No.10 Advisor
James Fiddy
Secret Service
Martin Heathcote
Forbes KB
Man in Crowd
Tony Red Richards